Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York 2016

Spring is around the corner and this is the time people think about refreshing and renewing their space, bringing new life into their home, no matter the size of the budget.  With May approaching, I am excited about the next Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House.  Every May since 1973, supporters of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club sponsor a decorator show house to raise funds for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls club to provide vital after school enrichment programs.  The show house features celebrated interior designers that transform a luxury Manhattan home into a showcase of home furnishings, art and technology.  I had the pleasure of attending the 44th annual show house last May and I came away impressed by the work of these talented designers.

Twenty-one top designers were selected by the Kips Bay Show House Decorator committee and each had eight weeks to transform one space in The Carlton House townhouse in the New York Lenox Hill neighborhood.  Committee chair Bunny Williams said, "Some of the country's finest designers have given not only their talent, but their time and energy to create these amazing spaces."

One thing that amazed me was that these designers were given carte blanche to decorate their designated space, yet there was such continuity in design and colors.  This was an amazing experience to gather fresh ideas and speak with top designers, all very gracious and humble.  My favorite designers there were Kati Curtis and Russell Groves.  To see more about 2016 Showhouse, click on this link:

No man cave here, this is a Lady's Lair by Phillip Thomas, Inc. 

I wanted to share some of these amazing spaces that I had the opportunity to visit.

Stunning hall and stairway design created by the delightful Kati Curtis Design 

Kitchen by Clive Christian Interiors. This is beautifully designed stunning custom cabinetry . 

Another view of the Clive Christian Interiors kitchen

Petit Salon by Sawyer | Berson. Beautiful marriage of classic and modern
Fantastic rooftop living space by Hollander Design | Landscape Architects
Saluting 44th Annual Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club

Monday, January 9, 2017

Home Organization

Holidays are over and winter is here.  A good time to clean out closets and organize your home.  It is also a good time to recycle your goods and eliminate clutter.  In fact, one of the top 10 New Year's resolutions that people make is to organize their home.  In 2015, it was number 6, according to Nielson.  In 2017, home organization jumped to number 2, from Google by iQuanti.  So, it comes as no surprise that January is National Get Organized Month.  So let's get started.

Whether you are organizing your home or your in-home office, you need to follow a step-by-step plan of action. Once you have that in place, half the work is done.  Then it is a matter of setting aside specific times to do the work.   Here are some preliminary planning ideas to help you get started.

  • Determine your square footage
  • Identify the tasks
  • Assess lighting needs
  • Create a system
  • Decide on a completion date
If this seems a little overwhelming,  Katy Hahn Designs offers a DIY home organization consultation. Let Katy be your personal home organizer.  It can be done in-home or via Skype/email. The home organization walk through consultation will include:  identifying areas of concern, creating a task list, measuring your space, creating a lighting plan, organizing ideas and recommendations.  If you would like to set an appointment, contact Katy at

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Cookies and Family Traditions

Every year at Christmas time I bring out the Christmas cookie recipes from both my family and my husband's.  There is just something about carrying on family traditions that I love.  Sometimes we can't always have our loved ones with us, so this is one way to keep their memories alive and keep them close to our hearts.

Today I am going to share a simple recipe for chocolate, peanut butter and Ritz cracker cookies.  All you need is Ritz crackers, peanut butter and dipping chocolate. Simple and delicious.

What really makes these cookies different is the flaky texture in the cracker.  What makes them stand out is the contrast between the chocolate and the salt.

Start by melting the dipping chocolate in a double boiler.  I use a pyrex bowl set in a pot with a small amount of water.

Next, you make small peanut butter "sandwiches" using the Ritz crackers.

After the chocolate is melted, dip the Ritz cracker sandwiches in the chocolate and set them on a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper and let them cool.  The chocolate will harden and, voila!, you have your chocolate peanut butter cookies.

Enjoy your cookies and have a wonderful and happy holiday season with your loved ones.