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Saturday, October 11, 2014

How Can An Interior Decorator Help You?

Over the years I have spoken with many homeowners and this is what I have learned from my clients.  Most people hire an interior decorator when they need help with:

  • Room balance
  • Placement - What goes where in a room.
  • Planning their space  
  • Blending furniture of different colors
  • Scale
  • How to create a focal point
  • Creating a nice flow throughout the house
  • Choosing the right color
  • Mixing patterns and textures
  • Creating a cohesive look
  • Selections
Most people buy first and then fit the furniture into the space instead of analyzing their room first.  What winds up happening is a hit or miss game.  They wind up with a non-cohesive look and many times the room just doesn’t feel right.  The human mind seeks balance and if a room doesn’t look balanced, it will not feel balanced.  Homeowners won’t be happy with how their home looks and how it functions.  Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Our goal at Katy Hahn Designs is to help you create your best design plan.

At Katy Hahn Designs, we offer many types of design consultations, specific to each client’s needs.  In the DIY design consultation, we teach our clients how to create function, mood, harmony and flow throughout their home. Or, in a full design service, we can handle the design project for them, from conception to completion. Our design selection service is for clients that are remodeling their existing home or new home buyers.  They want help in specific areas and we bring them some samples to see in their home.  We discuss colors, patterns and textures and how to tie everything in so they have a nice flow and feel to their home.  This will help clients define their likes and dislikes, and feel more confident in their choices when they go to a design center or making the right selections when shopping at a store. 

For clients who would like a home design analysis, we will walk with them through their home, one room at a time.  We will give them advice and direction on ways they can improve and enhance the value of their home plus answer any design questions they may have.

As you can see, there are many services an interior decorator can provide.  I hope this helps.

Katy Hahn is a residential home interior decorator.  She will gladly help you design your home to reflect your individual taste and lifestyle.  She offers space planning, furniture layouts, lighting plans and can customize your design consultation to meet your particular needs.  She can be hired at an hourly rate or flat fee by job type.  Use the Contact Us page to schedule an appointment.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Trends 2014

Fall started yesterday and so it’s time to check out the fall trends for 2014.  Here is a sampling of some of the hottest ones.

One of the big trends this year is the return of metal in furniture design.  Steel, iron, aluminum and copper are all being used, whether alone or with wood cork or fabric.  Can anyone say, “1950’s?”  BuzziSpace has created a new Legends line of tables and chairs using salvaged steel rods and aircraft aluminum.  Metal is also being used for accessories like pendant lamps.

We are also seeing bright, vivid colors in many places, from wallpaper to paintings, cookware and kitchen accessories.

Of course, wood is still very popular and some artisans are finding unique uses for it.  Pascal Oudet is a sculptor and wood turner who has created beautiful decorative and lacy wooden sculpture.
Courtesy Pascal Oudet
Here is an overview of other up and coming trends:

  • Brass is on a comeback, especially in the kitchen and bath.
  • The merging of indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Ethnic prints from exotic places used in fabrics.
  • Corduroy used as an alternative to velvet in upholstered furniture.
  • Floral textile designs in both interior design and fashion.
  • Lighter colored woods like oak and cherry in furniture.
  • Many tints, tones and shades of blue.  Navy is very hot.
  • Classy, softer tones of black and white.
  • Pineapple shaped accessories.
  • Modern versions of old, classic designs.
Courtesy of Freshome

Let me know what you have seen as new design trends.  Love to hear from you.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Have you ever redesigned a room in your head?

Thats what I do when I have no clients.  I walk into a room and I imagine what I would do if I was redesigning this room.  Apparently, I am not the only interior designer/decorator who does this, according to a new post by Houzz.  They posed the question, “What do interior designers create when they have no client, only their own imagination?”  Thank you, Houzz for the article, “Luxurious Looks From the 2014 Hamptons Show House.”

This article highlights the 2014 Holiday Hamptons, where 16 of the top designers in the country have used their talents and imagination to decorate spaces in the historic 1881 Watchcase factory in Sag Harbor, New York.  The old factory is being converted into 64 condominiums.  Some of these lofts, townhouses and bungalows are being temporarily transformed into special rooms inspired by moments or special holidays in the lives of each designer.

I love the look and the feel of the rooms, with a nice yin and yang feel, combining both modern and traditional elements.  Each designer did a wonderful job converting the factory rooms into comfortable and beautiful living spaces.  They say its all in the eye of the designer.  I say it is in the imagination of the designer.

Here are a few photos of some of the rooms.

I especially love the last bedroom photo and the whimsical touch above the bed.  How clever!

Thank you Hamptons Cottages & Gardens magazine for sponsoring the show house which is open to the public through August 10 and using the proceeds to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Thank you Houzz for this posting this great article.  Photos and article courtesy of Rikki Snyder, Houzz Contributor.

To read the entire article, click on this link:  http://bit.ly/1mZGQrA


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Antique Flat Top Trunks

From around the 1870’s until around 1920 flat top trunks were used by many travelers.  The basic design consisted of a rectangular box covered with canvas or sheet metal with hardwood, metal trim and hardware on top.  Many trunks came with trays inside but most now are missing the trays since they were not as durable as the trunks themselves.

Flat top trunks have been around a long time, some even used on stagecoaches.  Some trunks were later changed to  rounded tops.  Some people say this came about so that baggage handlers would not stack them, but nobody knows for sure.  Up until the late 1800’s, the trunks were usually lined with paper when many of them started to be lined with cloth.

On most old flat top trunks the canvas became rotten so you will not see many with the original canvas.    When a trunk is refinished, most refinishers will remove the canvas and then sand and stain the wood.  This creates a beatiful look for the trunk.

Most people call these trunks steamer trunks but a true steamer trunk is about half the height of other flat top trunks.

Here is a steamer trunk.

Here is a flat top trunk.

I live in Sanford, Florida where there are antique shops with some nice flat top trunks.  If you live in this area or come anytime to visit, it would be well worth your time to take a day trip to Sanford and see them.  One good shop to visit is Antiques and Dustibles


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Florida Indoor Allergens in the Bedroom

Interior design and space planning your bedroom are important elements to consider when designing your home.  When you are designing your bedroom it is natural to just look at the aesthetics of the room.  After all, that is the fun part.  But I want to encourage you to look at the health benefits of minimizing indoor allergens in the bedroom as well.  All of our energy goes into creating a beautiful bedroom that is relaxing and comforting.  But, don’t lose sight of creating a healthy environment for you, your spouse and your children.  It is also important to design your space to minimize dust mites in the bedroom. 

Then there is ongoing maintenance to keep our bedrooms healthy and to discourage dust mites that may invade our comfort, health and immune system.  We spend 1/3 of our life in bed.  When was the last time you replaced your old pillows, bed coverings, etc. How often do you wash the outside bedding? What is the water temperature you wash your bed linens in?  Do you vacuum your  mattress to remove dust and dead skin?  Rotate your mattress?  We shed skin everyday that dust mites feed on.  Also, do you encase your mattress and pillows before putting on your sheets and pillow covers?  What about the box spring?   

Dust mites also form colonies in our mattresses, pillows and even our box springs.  According to a NY Times article, "Dust mites are microscopic creatures, about 0.4 millimeters in length, that feast on flakes of human skin. Their feces contains a very potent allergen." 

Summer time is coming here to Central Florida and indoor dust mites love the Florida hot humidity and high temperatures inside our homes.  So what can you do?  If you would like to learn more about tips and ideas to minimize indoor allergens in the bedroom, please click on the two links below I provided from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology and from the New York Times.  If you found this article helpful please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.  Thank you and have a blessed day.   


Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Backsplash

Our guest post today is from Eli Mechiovitz at GlassTileStore.com.  

Not too long ago, homeowners considered kitchen backsplashes more functional than ornamental. They help prevent messes while preparing a meal...and that’s pretty much it. These days, backsplashes can help liven up a dreary-looking area, reflect the homeowner’s personality, and generally make the kitchen more awesome. How does one choose the best backsplash for the kitchen?  Here are some tried-and-tested tips from GlassTileStore.com.

Come up with a harmonious kitchen palette

Photo courtesy of HGTV
The amenities and appliances that have pride of place in your kitchen typically dictate your kitchen palette. For example, the color, material, and finish of your countertops or kitchen table can reflect the rest of the kitchen’s color scheme. Many of our clients who are proud of their modern chrome or stainless steel kitchen equipment either choose dramatic tiles to make an interesting visual contrast with them, or else go for subdued neutral tiles to highlight these appliances. Go for what makes you happy.  If you are undecided, tape some tile samples on the wall to see how they look with your best kitchen features.

Choose a spot that demands visual attention

Quartzite Sandstone photo courtesy of HGTV
When you enter your kitchen, which area grabs your attention first? Is it the wall behind the stove or sink? Is it a broad expanse of bare wall or the area near the window? These are the best spots to highlight with a tiled backsplash. For instance, a plain wall is the perfect place to install a frieze of accent tiles, or a mosaic mural. A window that lets in a lot of sunlight can be accentuated with decorative tiles. If you are building your kitchen from scratch, it’s easy enough to integrate the tiles into your design. If you already have an existing backsplash behind your sink or stove and you don’t like it, you can replace it with new tiles that suit your budget and tastes more.

Consider mirrored tiles for tiny spaces

Photo courtesy of HGTV
Small spaces can still benefit from choosing the proper tiles for a kitchen backsplash. Go for reflective tiles, such as glass ones with high-polished finishes. These will help bounce off the light around the kitchen and make the space seem wider. Another trick is to integrate mirrored or polished metal tiles as part of a mosaic backsplash. They can immediately add visual impact to the area while reflecting light.

Purchase proper grouting

Photo courtesy of fetzkc.com
We believe that even the best-looking and most expensive tiles can be ruined with improper grouting. Glass Tile Store always recommends the right kind of grouting for each tile product. Not only does grout hold the tiles together for a long time, but the best kind also complements the color and texture of your tiles. With these in mind, don’t be afraid to ask your supplier about grouting, its application and long-term maintenance before purchasing tiles.

GlassTileStore.com's Eli Mechlovitz is well aware that using colors and simple home accessories can greatly improve and alter a home's look and feel. For example, by adding colorful tiles to a bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash, you can add light and style to the room without having to invest in an expensive redesign. He believes that this constant stream of new and totally original tile designs is what's keeping his business a step ahead of the competition. 
GlassTileStore.com revolutionized the way tiles are sold and bought online. He offers free shipping, a 365 day return policy, and design help to customers, something you'd be hard-pressed to get at other tile stores.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Interior designing your life

Every new year we think of improving our health and possibly re-designing our homes, but interior design is not just about the space we live in, it’s also about the interior of our mind, soul and body.  Here is a must see on youtube,  5 ways to have an awesome day and life.  Happy 2014 everyone!  :-)



Tile for kitchen and bath

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