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Saturday, October 11, 2014

How Can An Interior Decorator Help You?

Over the years I have spoken with many homeowners and this is what I have learned from my clients.  Most people hire an interior decorator when they need help with:

  • Room balance
  • Placement - What goes where in a room.
  • Planning their space  
  • Blending furniture of different colors
  • Scale
  • How to create a focal point
  • Creating a nice flow throughout the house
  • Choosing the right color
  • Mixing patterns and textures
  • Creating a cohesive look
  • Selections
Most people buy first and then fit the furniture into the space instead of analyzing their room first.  What winds up happening is a hit or miss game.  They wind up with a non-cohesive look and many times the room just doesn’t feel right.  The human mind seeks balance and if a room doesn’t look balanced, it will not feel balanced.  Homeowners won’t be happy with how their home looks and how it functions.  Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Our goal at Katy Hahn Designs is to help you create your best design plan.

At Katy Hahn Designs, we offer many types of design consultations, specific to each client’s needs.  In the DIY design consultation, we teach our clients how to create function, mood, harmony and flow throughout their home. Or, in a full design service, we can handle the design project for them, from conception to completion. Our design selection service is for clients that are remodeling their existing home or new home buyers.  They want help in specific areas and we bring them some samples to see in their home.  We discuss colors, patterns and textures and how to tie everything in so they have a nice flow and feel to their home.  This will help clients define their likes and dislikes, and feel more confident in their choices when they go to a design center or making the right selections when shopping at a store. 

For clients who would like a home design analysis, we will walk with them through their home, one room at a time.  We will give them advice and direction on ways they can improve and enhance the value of their home plus answer any design questions they may have.

As you can see, there are many services an interior decorator can provide.  I hope this helps.

Katy Hahn is a residential home interior decorator.  She will gladly help you design your home to reflect your individual taste and lifestyle.  She offers space planning, furniture layouts, lighting plans and can customize your design consultation to meet your particular needs.  She can be hired at an hourly rate or flat fee by job type.  Use the Contact Us page to schedule an appointment.