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Guest Posts

We appreciate our guest bloggers for the time and effort that they put into writing the post for us.  We hope you enjoy this archive of previous guest posts.  If you would like to submit a guest post, please send us an email with a brief bio and examples of previous posts. We only publish one-of-a-kind, original posts.

Redecorating And Remodeling Your Bathroom

June 6, 2012

Our guest post today is from Arcadian Lighting.

Hello, everyone! It's Mari from Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful place to find light fixtures and lighting ideas and trends on the Internet. Be sure to stop by and check out our great blog. I'm so excited to be here visiting at Kathy Hahn Designs. My guest post topic today is mismatched dining chairs. I love collecting chairs of all kinds. This slight obsession has led me to experiment with mixing (and seldom matching) an array of seating for the dining room.
Using several different chairs around the table means never having to choose just one style or color. For those who love to shop flea markets, garage sales and used furniture stores, it also means being able to snap up an irresistible find with a clear conscience, knowing it can happily fit in with other treasured chairs at the table. Here are eight spaces made unique by their lovely mismatched dining chairs. I hope you will be inspired to try your own variation on the very interesting mismatched chair theme. Please enjoy!
Mismatched Dining Chairs  Mostly pastel hues can be found on dining chairs in this eclectic room. How many different designs can you spot? There's a French metal Tolix, an Eames molded plastic, an interesting wood folding chair and more.
Mismatched Chairs This time in black, another Tolix and an Eames DSR show up in a bright white Scandinavian dining space.
Mismatched Dining Chairs Even traditional dining rooms lend themselves to mixing chairs. These mismatched seats are upholstered in several contrasting patterned fabricsóall shown off beautifully underneath this lovely hanging light fixture, a fancy chandelier.
Mismatched Dining Room Chairs Atop a rich red vintage rug, this Danish modern table is surrounded by a colorful mix of Mid-Century chairs. The deep turquoise is my favorite. How about you?
Mismatched Dining Room Chairs A great eclectic collection of mismatched chairs seems perfect for this vintage space. I love the one black and white harlequin seat.
Mismatched Dining Chairs Here, a long wood table is surrounded by a most amazingly eclectic collection of vintage chairs. Not to be outdone by seating, vintage signs, lighting fixtures and mirrors effectively vie for attention.
Mismatched Chairs Mismatched chairs are reflected in a beautiful mirrored buffet in this small dining space. An Eames rocker and Series 7 side chair keep company with a more traditional wood design.
Mismatched Dining Room Chairs Color is what sets apart this set of traditional chairs, showing how a matched set can take on an appealing mismatched look when each chair is painted in a different color while seats are upholstered in a rainbow of varied hues. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Did you just run out and buy some mismatched chairs to add some interest to your dining room? Why not get a great new chandelier to bring even more attention to your fabulous mismatched chairs at Arcadian Lighting, find yours today!

Arcadian Lighting is an online retailer that prides itself on bringing their customers top quality lamps at extremely affordable prices.  Because of their history and strong relationships with the lighting manufacturers, they offer elegant and sophisticated lamps.  Also visit their sister home decor e-commerce site.

Redecorating And Remodeling Your Bathroom

July 16, 2012
Our guest blogger today is Dulles Glass and Mirror

Katy Hahn Designs is big on showing our clients ways they can update, upgrade and enhance the value of their homes.  Remodeling your bathroom can bring you 49% to 85% return on investment, depending on your budget.  Shahab Shokouhi with Dulles Glass and Mirror  has written a post below to show readers how they can remodel and redecorate their bathrooms.

Doing it yourself is a big step for many looking to remodel their bathrooms. The good part is that by being a DIY-er, you can start saving money, and start turning heads with your bathroom. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and compromise.

If you can’t afford to swap out your whole sink, vanity, tiling, and bathtub, there are great alternatives.
  • Fresh Paint, Fresh Fixtures
A fresh coat of acrylic, water-based paint and new unified bathroom plumbing will give your bathroom a face-lift and that new pop. And both are affordable and will beautify your bathroom. The more Do-It-Yourself and hands on you can become, the more money you will save. It is worth noting that YouTube is filled with tons of do-it-yourself remodeling tutorials and is a great first step towards becoming a remodeling maven.

  • Replace the Vanity?
You should also consider replacing your old vanity, medicine cabinet, and lights to give your bathroom that bright beautiful look, while being functional.

Being on a tight budget, there are several options to keep the costs down. You can keep your existing vanity, but replace just the vanity top, and sink. Sanding down your old vanity and repainting it or wrapping it with a new outer cover is another DIY option.
  • Going Granite
We all would prefer a large granite slab for our vanity tops, but that isn’t always the most affordable or DIY friendly option. Granite slabs are fragile and need to be cut by a professional. On the other hand, by replacing your vanity top with a granite tile kit, you will save as it is only a third of the price of a granite slab, for the same modern stone look.

  • Designer Tile
Most designer bathroom tile is quite expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to replace every single tile in your bathroom with it. You can use it sparingly as trim or a border.

More specifically, you can keep your original bathroom floor tiles, but still add a new design cue to the floor. To do this, you can cut an in-set in the floor tile and insert a different designer tile to add a contrast to the floor. Today’s most trendy tiles include: natural stone, pebble tile, stone mosaic tile and stainless steel tile.
  • Vessel Sink
Don’t stop there, do an online search and with a little bit of effort, you can find a modern-looking vessel sink and faucet, at an affordable price. EBay and Craigslist are a good place to start your search. Some DIY-ers have even made their own vessel sink by drilling a hole into a large kitchen bowl. Your mileage may vary.

  • Need storage room? Spice it up!
Need more storage in your bathroom, on the cheap? Install a spice rack for an affordable way to store polishes and lotions that you may have in your bathroom.
  • Bathtub Refinishing
Want to keep your existing tub? You can have your existing bathtub refinished and painted a new color. This is cheaper than swapping it out for a brand new tub, but it will still give your tub that brand new shine.

(photo: dulles glass and mirror)
  • Shower Door Alternatives
And if you can’t  afford to install a full set of skyline sliding glass doors to your bathtub, you can also opt for an affordable glass bathtub screen, which reinvents the bathtub enclosure into a modern, attractive, centerpiece.

These redesign and DIY decoration tips will make your bathroom look very high-end and modern, and will save you a ton of money!

Dulles Glass and Mirror is a manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products creating custom designs of frameless custom shower enclosurescustom table with glass top and customized bathroom mirrors

Thank you Shahab for sharing your expertise with us this week!